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     My musical journey began at home with my family. I grew up in a household in which creativity was encouraged. My earliest musical experiences that I can remember involve singing with my parents, nursery rhymes, games, and eventually experimenting with instruments. When the time was right, I was enrolled in private piano lessons, then came singing in choirs at school and on to instruments at school which, was where I first tried the saxophone.

These early experiences were essential to building a foundation upon which, I was able to seek out higher forms of education, such as:

  • Grade 8 Piano Certificate and Grade 2 Rudiments through the Royal Conservatory of Music

  • Post-secondary studies in Jazz on Alto saxophone including York University and Humber College, where I completed my BMus.

  • ECME Certificate through the Royal Conservatory of Music in association with Ryerson University.

I always look for another angle, another point of view, and I am always listening and learning from the best teachers of all; the students.​

Music is in all of us from the time we hear our mother's heartbeat in the womb.  Our first instrument is our body along with our senses of sight, touch and sound.


We learn music like we learn a language: by listening, imitating, and eventually finding our own voice.


Too often, students are expected to learn to play an instrument and read music before they have fully nurtured this connection to their own bodies, ears, and voices. 

I am dedicated to fostering a holistic connection to music while at the same time teaching the tradition of music literacy: how to read and write.



Music in the Early Years

"Often a single experience will open the young soul to music for a whole lifetime." - Zoltan Kodaly

As a teacher I am always searching for new innovative ideas and creative teaching methods.  A few years ago I became aware of the Early Childhood Methods of Zoltan Kodaly and was inspired to learn more.


In 2017 I was accepted and enrolled into the ECME Certificate Program with the Royal Conservatory of Music in association with Ryerson University. 

Through this program I am studying the three major Early Childhood Music Philosophies of Jacques Dalcroze, Zoltan Kodaly, and Carl Orff. 

I am excited to study these methods and be able to apply them to my private teaching and to be able to teach group classes for young children.