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In-person and Virtual Piano Teacher in High Park

A teacher who truly listens can hear our most inner voice

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About Me

Hi, I'm Melissa Moore, and I'm passionate about providing a holistic music experience for my students. As a private music lesson teacher, I'm dedicated to helping my students develop their skills and find joy in the process.

I have over 15 years of experience teaching music to students of all ages and abilities (including adults), and I also specialize in early childhood music education.


As a holistic teacher, my lessons are tailored to each student with the goal to provide the highest-quality music lesson and to allow space for each student to be who they are and feel seen.

About Me


"The important thing is to not stop questioning."

- Albert Einstein

My musical journey began at home with my family. My parents are both professional actors and musicians, and as such, I grew up in a household that nurtured creativity. Our home was full of listening, singing, and playing opportunities of many different types of music, including the music they themselves had created. This environment laid the foundation for my love of music and piqued my curiosity about creativity and self-expression through this art form.

I began my musical education with piano lessons at the age of seven and continued into my teens until I completed my Grade 8 Piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music. This gave me a foundation and fostered a love of classical piano repertoire and composers such as Bach, Chopin, Mozart, and Satie. 

As a teen I became really interested in Jazz while listening to anything in my parents' collection such as Mike Murley, Doug Riley, John Scofield, Weather Report, Miles Davis, and many more. I had the opportunity to play the saxophone in my school band and fell in love with the instrument. This led me to pursue the saxophone in a post-secondary setting at York University and then Humber College where I had the privilege of studying with some of the best saxophone players on the Canadian and international scenes such as, Kirk MacDonald, Pat LaBarbera, Mark Promane, Andy Ballantyne, and Don Palmer.

I was also lucky to be able to study with trumpeter, composer, and arranger, John MacLeod. His teachings were essential to my skills as an arranger and composer for small and large ensembles and to be able to write and arrange any pop, jazz, or classical music into any level my students need.

In 2017, I enrolled in a certificate in Early Childhood Music Education through the Royal Conservatory of Music and the Toronto Metropolitan University. With this education, I can teach group music classes to young children and apply the philosophies and methodologies of Jacques Dalroze, Zoltan Kodály, and Carl Orff to my own private lesson teaching.

My compassion combined with my musical skills and experiences makes me a teacher who is committed to holistic teaching and finding out what music means to you.



Royal Conservatory of Music & Toronto Metropolitan University

2017 – Present


Enrolled in Advanced Certificate in Early Childhood Music Education


Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, BC



Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies

(Articulated through Humber College)


Humber College, Toronto, ON



Diploma in Jazz Studies (Honours)


York University, Toronto, ON

2002 – 2004


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Spec. Hons. Music



Music is in all of us from the time we hear our mother's heartbeat in the womb.  Our first instrument is our body combined with our senses of sight, touch, and sound.


We learn music like we learn a language: by listening, imitating, and eventually finding our own voice.


Too often, students are expected to learn to play an instrument and read music before they have fully nurtured this connection.

The transition from ear/body/voice into reading and writing is a delicate process that requires awareness and sensitivity.

I am passionately dedicated to fostering a holistic connection to music for all of my students so they may discover and express their own inner voice. 


Recital & Performances

Every spring I host a recital to give each student an opportunity to practice performing in front of their friends and family.

Every student is welcome and encouraged to participate.

The repertoire selection is a collaboration between myself and the student to make sure it's a selection that they are excited about playing. This way it reflects something about who they are at that moment in time.

Sometimes students will choose to have me accompany them in a duet while others want to perform a solo piece. If they need to have me by their side for support, I will be there.

I have always found it to be a chance to celebrate their musicianship, creativity, and unique personalities. 


Services Offered

Piano Keys

Offering 30, 45 or 60-minute lessons for people of all ages and skill levels.


I am available as an early childhood music educator in group settings for children aged 0 to 8.

Holding a Saxophone

I provide flute and saxophone lessons to beginner and intermediate students.



2-50 Parkdale Rd

Toronto, ON

M6R 1E2

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