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It is with great pleasure that I share my personal review of my 11-year-old daughter's piano teacher, Melissa.


My daughter has been Melissa’s student for over 5 years. From the first time I met Melissa, I knew that she would be a great piano teacher for my daughter. My first encounter with Melissa was incredibly positive. She displayed a passionate love for music and was very patient and understanding to my questions.


Throughout the years, Melissa has always had my daughters’ best interest at heart, she has been supportive to her whenever she had difficulty in her lessons and made sure to communicate with me when needed.


As my daughter got older, her genre in piano has changed and she expressed that to Melissa. Melissa took her feedback in a positive way and found a genre that my daughter would be interested in.


Her communication skills are outstanding and clear, whenever I had to contact her, she always responded to me in a timely fashion.


I am so grateful that Melissa was able to continue teaching my daughter virtually, during the pandemic because my daughter needed some type of stability and something that did not change too much in her life.

My daughter and I are incredibly grateful to have Melissa in our lives.

- Diane

Melissa is an amazing piano teacher!  She started teaching Jack in 2017 when he was 8 and he absolutely loves learning with her.  She set him up nicely for independent learning while she was on maternity leave.  What makes Melissa a fantastic teacher?  Well, let me tell you all the ways…


Beyond the technical aptitude, Melissa has this wonderful ability to identify a student’s learning style and needs, then adapts her teaching style, allowing the student to flourish. 


Melissa has a firm, but patient and encouraging style.  She works with Jack in just the right way so that he actually listens and is motivated and challenged to grow his love of piano.  I love that she has a plan and weekly tasks, but focuses on overall progress, being flexible week to week to adapt to Jack’s progress. 


Melissa is easy to collaborate with.  In the beginning, we had to figure out what would work with Jack and discussed and tried (and dropped) different strategies.  Over time, we continued to communicate about advancing Jack’s lessons and musical pieces.  As I encouraged Jack to take on more ownership of his piano education directly with Melissa, she easily transitioned into working independently with him while keeping me informed and engaged at just the right level.


Melissa is very generous with her time – from helping us with our piano shopping to giving us make-up time when we had internet connectivity issues on our end (totally not her fault).


We also love the breadth of her abilities – her willingness and excitement to teach Jack classical pieces like Ode to Joy, as well as contemporary pieces like Jump (Van Halen)!  It’s been a fantastic musical adventure so far and we are excited to continue the journey, especially with Jack’s sister eager to start lessons soon.


Thank you, Melissa, for bringing so much joy into our home with your amazing piano lessons!


- Judy

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